Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sitecore 7 : Shooting for the Sky 100% Unit Test Coverage with Sitecore 7 & MVC

A little while ago I was asked by the company I work for (Next Digital) to write a post for the corporate blog. I decided that given I had just received early access to Sitecore 7 and that I have a thing for test driven development, that I would try and test drive an implementation in Sitecore 7 and see what sort of coverage I could get with the new features.

Below is the introduction for the post, to see the full article go here.

So I’m one of the lucky MVP’s who get early access to Sitecore 7 and I decided that for my proof of concept I would try to  completely test drive my implementation and see if I couldn't get to 100% unit test coverage.

Now some of you are going to be interested in the MVC side of things and that is great, just start reading. For those of you that are only interested in the Sitecore 7 stuff, jump straight to the Repository Layer of this post.

Again here is the link to the full post

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